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18 July 2009 @ 07:33 pm
All questions, comments and suggestions are to be posted here.
No requesting of videos to be subbed - that will have a post of its own.

Do not contact us at our personal journals regarding matters of this community.
18 July 2009 @ 07:13 pm
this is where we post our subbed videos.

all entries are locked, please join the community to see them. by joining this community, you have agreed to the following simple rules:
◆ Do not upload any of these videos onto online streaming sites, such as Youtube; Veoh; Crunchyroll etc.
◆ Do not re-distribute or edit our subs in any way.
◆ Our subbed videos are not for sale.

these are extremely basic and simple rules and we seek your cooperation in making our job as easy as possible. we'd appreciate your help in keeping a look out for rule-breakers.

we will sub mainly Arashi videos, and maybe some videos from other fandoms but it all depends. since the two of us are doing this at our own leisure, releases might not be very frequent. we hope to have your support nevertheless!

membership is moderated, but requests to join should be approved of fairly quickly.
enjoy the videos! ^__^

Note: if for some reason we do not approve of your membership after 3 days, please leave a comment here; we might have accidentally skipped your request. no offense intended of course. thank you :)
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